Quantity Surveying Services

As RICS accredited quantity surveyors, Bennington Green utilises commercial management procedures.


Bennington Green assists in the drafting and management of contract documentation, control and management of project finance and the full spectrum of project quantity surveying services for London, Southampton and Bournemouth.


Whether you are a client organisation, contractor or subcontractor Bennington Green’s Quantity Surveying Services will maximise, on your behalf the profitability of your project and operations.


Furthermore, if you have a project in mind; get in touch, or find out how our quantity surveying services have helped others in London, Southampton and Bournemouth by taking a look at our case studies page.

Ryan Greening, Operational Director, Bennington Green

Ryan Greening BSc(Hons), MSc, FRICS, MCIArb, ICIOB

Ryan is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor being a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and he is also an Incorporate member of the Chartered Institute of Building. Ryan has a Masters Degree in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution and has a particular interest in delay analysis and commercial recovery.

Ryan began his career as a sponsored student with Alfred McAlpine Civil Engineering combining full time education with placements during the academic breaks and the ‘sandwich’ year of his course. Ryan subsequently spent eight years working for Main Contractors undertaking various Civil Engineering and Building contracts before founding his own consultancy practice in 2006 providing commercial and contractual services to contractors, subcontractors and employers.

Ryan joined Bennington Green in 2010 to amalgamate his commercial and legal orientation to provide support to the project management, building surveying and commercial divisions and to promote and deliver the commercial and dispute resolution services. Whilst at Bennington Green Ryan has undertaken various senior level assignments where he has proven invaluable to his clients leading the procurement, commercial and contractual processes of projects including pre and post construction activities.


Cost Planning/Estimating

It is essential that early in the conceptualisation of a project that realistic budgets are prepared to ensure the appropriate funding is made available and that it remains viable.

Bennington Green are widely experienced in preparing early cost advice and ensuring that the costs are monitored throughout the development of the project scope.  We are able to utilise various data sources to ensure that we deliver current and accurate budgetary advice at all stages of a projects development.

We are often asked to prepare:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Development appraisals
  • Developer funding applications
  • Initial project budgets
  • NRM estimates

Bennington Green are able to provide the appropriate expertise to ensure that a cost model is considered and updated as the design progresses (using industry leading software where appropriate) and that costs are considered intrinsically in the design rather than as an ‘after thought’ to ensure the project delivers good value.

We are also able to offer Contractor’s and Sub-Contractor’s estimating services to suit particular needs and would invite you to contact Ryan Greening should you have any particular requirements.

Cost Management & Reporting

Construction projects are capital intensive low margin ventures carrying high degrees of risk.  Bennington Green employ experienced commercial staff who can understand and manage the financial arrangements of construction projects.

The most successful projects achieve the required standard, are finished on time and are delivered in accordance with robust cost management criteria.  Successful control of a project budget ensures that appropriate decisions can be made strategically at the right time, that cash flows and funding are organised, and that any ‘warning signs’ are identified and considered.

Bennington Green ensures that appropriate cost reporting procedures are put in place and that these are maintained throughout the project duration.  We understand that late realisation of a project’s outturn cost can have disastrous consequences and hence we work hard to accurately forecast all aspects of the project.

Bennington Green are also able to offer auditing services of projects to ensure accurate forecasting and/or reporting of project costs are achieved.  Our expertise ensures that we can quickly identify any false reporting and/or identify any potential risk not otherwise identified.


The procurement strategy fundamentally determines the risk profile of the project and how the management and delivery of information and requirements are handled.  Bennington Green has the legal, commercial and delivery aptitude to advise and deliver the appropriate procurement.

Bennington Green can advise upon the most appropriate procurement strategy in accordance with the Employer’s ultimate goals. Whether the Employer wishes to retain a tight control upon the design and specification or whether the desire is to provide an initial performance specification and leave the Contractor to propose a solution, we are well placed to deliver the appropriate solution.

Bennington Green has extensive experience in managing the procurement of construction and engineering projects, including (but not limited to):

  • Traditional re-measurement contracts (i.e. bills of quantities)
  • Traditional lump sum contracts (i.e. specifications/schedule of works & drawings)
  • Design and Build
  • Management Contracting
  • Specialist/Package

It is essential that an appropriate strategy is formulated early on in the conceptualisation of the project to ensure that the appropriate documentation is drafted to suit the Employer’s requirements.  The procurement process will necessarily dictate the project timeline such as the periods for: document delivery; contractor tendering; contractor design (if appropriate); and construction.

Should you have any forthcoming projects we would be delighted to offer an initial free no obligation discussion, and we will provide you with a detailed quotation based upon various procurement options discussed.

Bills of Quantities Production

Traditional Bills of Quantities still have an important part to play in construction contracts.  The time honoured skill of breaking down a construction project into its component parts and quantifying these is as important now as it ever was.

Whether Bills of Quantities are necessary for the Employer as part of its procurement strategy, or necessary by the Contractor/Sub-Contractor to enable pricing of the project, Bills of Quantities are an important tool in the delivery of a project.

Bennington Green are able to prepare Bills of Quantities in a suitable format to suit the project, appropriately broken down into works area (to be agreed prior to commencement), on either specialist software with CAD take-off capability or simply manually in excel (the choice is yours).

We are experienced in preparing ‘Builders Quantities’, full SMM7 or NRM bills, CESMM bills or bespoke arrangements to suit our clients.  We have experience in large and small building and civil engineering projects.

Bank & Fund Monitoring

We act on behalf of banks and funding institutions to provide due diligence and monitoring services throughout a project lifecycle.

Our service includes the preparation of detailed development appraisals prior to the lending being approved. This process will review planning consent, building regulations approval, warranties, contract documents, adequacy of professional team and contractors, insurances, cost review, health & safety and programme. A formal report will be prepared in a format to meet the funder’s requirements and the RICS Project Monitoring Guidance Notes.

Once the funding has been agreed our service includes the regular monitoring of the works on site, the reporting of progress and identification of any issues that increase risks to the funder. An assessment is made of progress achieved to sanction the draw-down of funds from the lender.

Insurance Reinstatement Reports

Is your property appropriately insured?  Bennington Green provide an independent valuation of the cost of the entire reinstatement of your property to ensure that you are appropriately insured.

On small residential properties often the insured can rely upon the notional valuation of a typical property in accordance with the insurers database.  However, on properties of significant value, or of uncommon configurations, these ‘rule of thumb’ valuations are often imprecise, with the obvious connotation that you may be paying too much for your insurance, or at risk of being uninsured and not being covered appropriately in the event of a significant claim.

Our insurance reinstatement valuation reports are produced in accordance with the RICS guidelines and provide you, and the insurers, with (1) information about the property, its location and general construction, (2) an analysis of how we have reached our valuation recommendation, and (3) a site layout and/or photos.

We recommend that properties are reassessed either every 5 years or when significant alterations have been made, whichever is the sooner.

Our reports ensure that you have ‘piece of mind’ that you are insured appropriately and that in the event of a significant claim you should recover your insured losses.

We are able to offer fixed price quotations upon request, and reduced price re-assessments if they can be undertaken on a desk study basis (i.e. no material alterations).



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