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Bennington Green Support National Apprenticeship Week

17 Sep Bennington Green Support National Apprenticeship Week

Bennington Green is delighted to support National Apprenticeship Week 2015.

They currently have three apprenticeships running across their variousAlice Wrate, Nigel Soloman offices, with plans to take on more apprentices in the future.

Alice Wrate (pictured with Managing Director, Nigel Soloman) is based in Bennington Green’s Bournemouth head office and is currently studying Business Administration.  The company have appointed out an outside approved trainer who visits the premises once a month to provide on the job training.

This is the same process for Zita Nyaga who is also studying the same course, but based in the London office.

In addition to the two business administration apprentices, Bennington Green have also taken on Rikki Stephens who is a trainee Building Surveyor in Bournemouth.  His training is different as he will be attending university on weekly day release.

Nigel said: “At Bennington Green we are very passionate about education.  Two of our directors have been school governors in the past and we are very involved in many school redevelopment programmes across the Country, as we not only look at the school requirements from a building point of view but also from a pastoral angle too.”

“We appreciate that it is not always possible for people to obtain the education they need at a given time – for various reasons – and some prefer to start work and train whilst also earning a wage.  With the rich diversity and knowledge we have at Bennington Green, it’s a great place to put theory into practice and these placements are also beneficial for our older staff too as they encourage the development of the younger members to flourish and grow.”

Nigel added: “Alice was the first of our apprentices and has settled in really well.  We are delighted with her development so far and how she’s fitted in with everyone.  Once she comes to the end of her apprenticeship she will then be able to mentor our new apprentices as they come on-board and impart the benefit of her experience to them.”

Some interesting facts, according to the National Apprenticeship Services:

  • In 1914 most apprentices started work aged 15-17, compared with today’s age range of 19-24
  • 100 years ago the most common apprenticeship was dressmaking, followed by engineering
  • 100 years ago an apprentice could be summoned to court for being ‘idle’ or having a ‘bad attitude’ (thank goodness these times have changed!)
  • Since 2010 over 2 million apprentices have started in England
  • in 2014 the most popular apprenticeship was health and social care
  • Apprenticeships are available in over 170 industries including aerospace, fashion, media & finance
  • Women now take up 55% of apprenticeships

Bennington Green has offices in Dorset, London, Essex and the Bahamas and in addition to taking on apprentices also encourage overseas visitors for internships and work experience.

As one of the most recognized consultancy firms in Construction, Property and Civil Engineering in the South of England, Bennington Green offer an extensive range of services from all their offices and are happy to show students who are considering going down the Surveying or Civil Engineering route what it’s like.  For more information please visit their website at or telephone 01202 766584. You can also follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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