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House Surveys

Bennington Green

We offer a wide range of affordable professional services including:

  • Residential House Surveys, Building Surveying,
  • Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Dispute Resolution

We offer a fast turnaround on reports, local expert knowledge with a thorough reliable service.

We offer a range of professional and affordable services including, Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Project Management and Dispute Resolution


What Type Of Survey Do You Need?

Our full Building Surveys (equivalent to RICS Level 3) include an inspection of all accessible areas of a property tailored to meet any specific requirements of a client. The report is detailed and provides an analysis of the construction and condition of all elements (or those elements instructed to be analysed) within the structure. The report is considerably more detailed than an RICS Homebuyer Survey. We would recommend this report if you are considering the purchase of an older, unusual or run-down property or where you are planning major alterations. We will undertake a cursory inspection of the services installation (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and we can arrange for a specialist survey and investigation upon separate instruction (using a third party specialist). The report will indicate the items that require your attention, propose a remedy, and provide an indicative costing to implement the remedy.


Our Residential Survey (RICS Level 2) is equivalent to an RICS Homebuyer Survey (excluding Valuation) and is suitable if you are purchasing a conventional property constructed using common building materials and in reasonable condition. The report will indicate items that require your attention and provide a remedy for their resolution.


We also offer a Level 1 Condition Survey (a more cost-effective survey), which provides a holistic review of the property structure and finishes. This is suitable for a conventional property built using common building materials and in good condition. The report will indicate the items that require your attention but it will not provide a proposed remedy


We are happy to talk through your requirements to establish which survey best meets with your requirements.
Call one of our offices on +44 (0) 1202 766584 +44 (0) 2381 290228 or download our Residential guidance survey document.

Obtain A Quote From Us

We offer various types of survey to suit the differing situations and budgets of our clients:

    Or Call our Bournemouth or Southampton office to speak with a surveyor for more information.

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    Our Team

    Our philosophy is based on the assumption that if we look after our staff, they will look after our business. Our staff are a hardworking, talented team that enrich our business. They are professional, qualified, passionate about their work, innovative and client-focused with a breadth and depth of knowledge that can ensure our client’s complete satisfaction.





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