Our Health & Safety and Fire Protection Services

Bennington Green have a wealth of experience in the construction industry and offer expert advice and consultation in a variety of health and safety arenas.  We can offer advice for all stakeholders including Clients (domestic and commercial), Designers and Contractors.


We fully endorse Dame Judith Hackitt’s Building a Safer Future, Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Final Report and intend to take a leading approach in what has been clearly identified as a much-needed cultural change towards fire safety and quality management systems within the construction industry.


“At the heart of this report (Building a Safer Future) are the principles for a new regulatory framework which will drive real culture change and the right behaviours. We need to adopt a very different approach to the regulatory framework covering the design, construction and maintenance of high-rise residential buildings which recognises that they are complex systems where the actions of many different people can compromise the integrity of that system”. Dame Judith Hackitt

Fire Protection Clerk of Works Services

Our Clerk of Works are all individual members of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP).


Bennington Greens Fire Stopping Inspectors have all completed courses which have been accredited and recognised by both the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) and Institute of Fire Engineers (IFE).


The Fire Protection Clerk of Work service is delivered through quality assurance (QA), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and site inspections to confirm and verify that all the passive fire protection systems have been installed in accordance with the design and specification, at project completion.


Our primary objective is to ensure that all aspects of fire protection are built in accordance with design, standards and legislation, in order that life safety of those in occupied  buildings is ensured in the event of a fire.


We fully believe that the earlier the Clerk of Works is appointed, the better the outcomes will be at project completion. We can provide a valuable input in relation to the early design drawing and specification review and the  supply chain procurement process. If we are able to review design details at the earliest appropriate point in the programme, we can identify any areas of potential poor design or detailing from a fire protection perspective for further review by the design team. Similarly, our early engagement can assist with the procurement process by checking that the necessary QMS and QA  obligations are included within the supply chain packages.


It is vital that all of the supply chain with a fire protection responsibility are made fully aware of the QA and QMS obligations, the QA/QMS process and the simple hold-point procedures that need to be followed to comply with the requirements.  Hold points are necessary to ensure that the required checks are made at key points during the programme. If implemented correctly, these can be systematically introduced without causing any delay into the project programme. Hold points are generally undertaken as follows:-



Pre Dry Wall Close Up.

Pre Ceiling Close Up

Pre Architrave Fix

Fire Door Installation

Horizontal Fire Barriers (External Brickwork)

Fire Door Inspections

Bennington Green are Certified Fire Door Inspectors.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO) came into force in England & Wales on 1st October 2006. It applies to virtually all premises (other than people’s private homes) and covers every type of building, structure and open space. Compliance with the RRO is mandatory. Building owners or those responsible for a building have to appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ who must ensure that an annual fire risk assessment is undertaken.


Fire doors are a fundamental element of the passive fire protection systems in a building and it is vital that they have been installed correctly.


Third Party inspections carried out by independent, competent, qualified inspectors provides the building owners with the required level of verification.

Fire Risk Assessment

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it is a requirement that the person who has control of premises, specifically named as the ‘Responsible Person’ MUST carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and keep it up to date.


The Fire Risk Assessments undertaken by Bennington Green by our qualified and experienced Assessors will discuss with you your building and its use, guide you through the management of risks and prepare a report containing the following information;

  • Identification of responsible persons for fire safety
  • General description of premises
  • Fire safety systems and equipment
  • Identification of persons at risk
  • Means of escape assessment
  • Specific fire hazards
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Training
  • Management of risks advice
Site Inspections

The HSE are tasked with policing the new CDM 2015 Regulations which are aimed at the improvement of health and safety in the construction industry.   We are able to undertake on-site audits and prepare reports to help minimise risks to operatives and visitors and reduce potential claims.  We always aim to work with Contractors and are pragmatic and practical about achieving a safe site.   If you are concerned that the health and safety on your site may need improving, please get in touch.

CDM Advice

The CDM Regulations 2007 have now been replaced by the CDM Regulations 2015 and as a consequence has seen the removal of the CDM Co-Ordinator and also the application of the Regulations to ALL Construction projects regardless of size or complexity.

Principal Designers

At Bennington Green we are able to demonstrate capability of Principal Designer and are able to guide Principal Designers and Designers through the CDM Regulations and assist in the preparation of Pre-Construction Information identifying risks and hazards and through a process of elimination, reduction and control factors can help Designers fulfil their obligations to provide information to Contractors.

Principal Contractors

We have extensive knowledge and experience is assisting Principal Contractors in both small scale domestic projects up to large scale commercial projects in the preparation of Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans.  We are able to attend site meetings and offer advice and guidance in the identification of risks and hazards and managing those risks.

All guidance that we offer is bespoke and tailored to each project avoiding reams of excessive unread generic paperwork.  We do not quote endless lists of Regulation filling files to collect dust, just clear concise useful information.


For more information, please see Bennington Green’s CDM 2015 Guidance Note

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