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Our Design Services

Planning and Building Regulations

If you intend to extend or refurbish your property or indeed if you are planning a new property you are likely to require planning permission to be granted from your planning authority. Bennington Green can advise on when planning permission is required, we can assist you in applying for, and gaining permission. We can also assist in the negotiations with the planners to ensure that a scheme is prepared that meets their requirements and your aims. Our drafting team will prepare all the necessary drawings and specifications and manage the whole process on your behalf.


We work closely with the local councils and approved inspectors prior to and whilst making application for building control approval. We are familiar with the use of a Building Notice for certain schemes and the more usual process of a full-plans submission with subsequent site inspections. Due to our relationships with these organisations and our working knowledge of the Building Regulations our applications are almost always accepted without comment.

Architectural Design

We are experienced in capturing our client’s requirements and turning this into a vision and ultimately a fully developed design ready for construction. Our team are skilled in ensuring that a sites value is maximised and that the design solution will provide in use practicality to suit its intended purpose. To achieve this we work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements and to draft a design brief which will be used as a road map to the overall design solution.


We offer a full range of architectural design services covering all of the RIBA stages of work from stage 0 ‘Strategic Definition’ through until stage 7 ‘Use’. We make use of the available technology and we are familiar with 2D, 3D and VR design solutions and we will discuss with you the most appropriate means of realising your requirements.


Our specialist team have many years of experience with new builds, extensions, refurbishments, renovations and restoration in sectors such as housing, commercial, retail, industrial and leisure.


Our passion shows in the detail of our work whilst challenging design boundaries to achieve the client’s brief and to achieve the very best design solution. We work methodically and consistently to satisfy client requirements by key time scales and with our technical background you can be assured that our designs can be practically constructed and will be well detailed to ensure longevity of the building structure.

Design Guardian or Lead-Designer

As well as being able to offer the physical design capability Bennington Green is able to act as ‘Design Guardian’ to ensure that a client’s design intentions are realised by either external consultants or a design and build contractor. This role ensures that other designers do not dilute the clients requirements in the interests of either themselves or the contractor to the detriment of our client. We can also monitor design programmes to ensure that suitable design information is being provided at the appropriate times and to highlight and manage any upcoming design bottlenecks.


Additionally, with the use of Bennington Green’s organisational and planning skills, we can act as ‘Lead-Designer’ and bring together architects, structural engineers, service engineers and specialist designers to produce a coordinated design. We can ensure that appointments, and particularly the scope of services, is appropriate for each specialist to ensure that the client’s brief is provided and to ensure that the expectations are clear for all involved. We would always ensure that the design information provided is of the right quality in accordance with the appointments and keeps pace with project time scales.


With the aid of technologies such as 3D or BIM modelling we can improve design coordination efforts by making design conflicts more visible to designers and construction planners.

CAD/3D Design & BIM

At Bennington Green we are familiar with the various software solutions available and we endeavour to use the appropriate software to meet our client’s requirements. This means that for simpler projects it may still be appropriate to design in 2D as it is likely to be quicker and hence cheaper, however for more complex schemes or where the client wishes to have the benefits of enhanced visualisation it may be more appropriate to design in 3D and perhaps make use of visual ‘walkthoughs’ and/or VR modelling.


With Building Information Modelling (BIM) changing how buildings are planned, designed, built, and managed Bennington Green have invested in appropriate software so the client, Project Consultants and Contractors can understand a building through the use of a digital model.


BIM brings together all of the information about every component of a building in one place. It makes it possible for anyone to access that information for any purpose, e.g. to integrate different aspects of the design more effectively reducing the risk of mistakes or discrepancies which in turn keeps abortive costs to a minimum.





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