Bennington Green Achieve ISO9001 Accreditation | Building and Quantity Surveyors
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Bennington Green Achieve ISO9001 Accreditation

27 Oct Bennington Green Achieve ISO9001 Accreditation

Bennington ISO9001 PictureGreen Ltd is delighted to announce the award of ISO 9001 accreditation for the business.

The ISO 9001 protocol is a certified quality management system (QMS), established for organisations wishing to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the needs of their customers and other relevant stakeholders.

Before a company can be issued with a certificate, it has to demonstrate it complies with all the requirements, including the documentation of procedures required for its effective operation. The standard also requires the organisation to issue and communicate a documented Quality Policy, a Quality Manual and numerous records, as specified throughout the standard.

Nigel Soloman, Managing Director, said: “As a leading consultancy in the construction, property and civil engineering fields, we offer myriad services so it is imperative to demonstrate our dedication to the professional delivery of these services. With the ISO 9001 quality assurance we are demonstrating to our clients that they can expect nothing but the best from Bennington Green, whether the work relates to a surveying project, party wall matter or the resolution of a multimillion pound international construction dispute.”

“We couldn’t have achieved ISO accreditation without the exceptional work that our dedicated team deliver. I’d personally like to thank all our staff but especially Chris Lewington and Vikki Swann for their hard work in achieving the award and ensuring we conform to the rigorous ISO 9001 criteria.”


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