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Our Training Services


At Bennington Green, we are constantly involved with contractual, commercial and programming issues and we are familiar with these and the practical implications that result. During delivery of our training, we are therefore able to provide practical examples of many of the issues that we will be presenting and you can be assured that the person delivering the training actually has experience in handling the subject matter.


Bennington Green provide a range of bespoke training courses tailored to meet our clients particular requirements. Previous courses have included:


  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Commercial Management for the site team
  • Managing a JCT/NEC/FIDIC contract (each a different course)
  • Preparing a construction programme and updating
  • Understanding forensic programming analysis
  • Preparing and managing claims
  • Design responsibility
  • Extensions of time
  • Principles of subcontracting
  • SMM7 / NRM & CESMM

We often see that technically good people are promoted without appropriate training being provided to enable these people to excel in their new role. With each new job role, there is a different environment that people are subjected to and there is an expectation of competence to operate at this new level, however, without the appropriate training, it is likely that there will be a skills gap and an inability to operate effectively. We work with our clients to provide various levels of management training which can include both the technical competence requirements and the management skills necessary to succeed.


Bennington Green have devised company wide training schemes for large client and contractor organisations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. This has included company specific role training as well as more general commercial, contractual awareness and procedural awareness. Ultimately we can provide training to your management teams on specific role orientated requirements, general management techniques (i.e. more theory based learning) or we can devise management pathways and organisation strategies.


Our experienced business consultants are able to tailor training programmes with a view to significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Through the analysis of tasks and performance issues, our team are able to design new methods of working with a view to raising the performance levels of an organisation. We can then train your staff on operating the business processes.


Bennington Green are also skilled practitioners of designing and implementing change management programmes combining strategic and tactical plans with a company’s culture, values, people, and behaviours to deliver the desired results.

Health and Safety

Despite the management of health and safety being so critically important in today’s environment, there remains a lack of consistent application of the regulations and guidelines available. In addition to reviewing your existing health & safety processes and procedures and providing recommendations on ways of improving upon them, we are able to offer training to ensure that your staff are educated upon your systems and the reasons why they are important.


At Bennington Green, we have an in-depth knowledge of the statutory provisions and current guidelines in regard to providing construction services. We can provide training on any aspect of these obligations, or in regard to the means of achieving the requirements.





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